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Accelerating the Digital Content Revolution

What is ilumIA?

ilumIA is a secure, cloud based software solution that uses data aggregation and reporting to streamline Inclusive Access billing and reconciliation workflows with existing partners.
ilumIA has been designed to integrate with your POS and current platform providers who are supplying content, LMS provisioning and opt-outs tools.

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Why ilumIA?

ilumIA reduces your operating costs by streamlining and expediting the exchange of funds within institutions and between bookstores and platform/content providers. By dramatically simplifying IA processes, ilumIA will facilitate the growth of IA on your campus, allowing you to increasingly contribute to driving student success, engagement and retention.
Automated Billing

Eliminates dependency on spreadsheets, streamlining bursar billing – ensuring that student and supplier charges are accurate


Identifies opportunities for IA growth – from interactive campus conversations with faculty and department chairs through to publisher and platform partners


Uses APIs to easily pull and process available data from your POS, other campuses systems and your platform provider’s data sources.


Provides visibility to program revenues, allowing easy reconciliation and audit of student activity and supplier charges

IA Program Management

Allows stakeholders to quickly view sales and utilization rates by course to manage sell-through compliance contracts


Simplifies forecasting revenues as part of the budgeting process

How it Works

ilumIA utilizes four steps to process readily-available campus data, automate workflows, facilitate data analysis to identify opportunities, and provide meaningful results to all stakeholders.


Get Data
  • Courses
  • Adoptions
  • Supplier Terms
  • Enrollments
  • Opt-In/Outs


Normalize Data
  • Secure Cloud
  • Fully Automated
  • Privacy Obfuscation


View Dashboards
  • Workflow Supporting Dashboards
  • 20+ Reports
  • Full Customization Options


Integrate & Report
  • Bursar: Reconciled Student Charges
  • Supplier: Invoice Reconciliations
  • Campus: Utilization Analysis and Department Reports
  • Students: Inquiries Into Student Accounts

An Elegant Interface

ilumIA users can easily view and navigate through their IA data

ilumIA Value

Gain immediate valuable insight into your campus' IA program

Activity reports

Review and drill down into all IA activity from a single location


Billing reports

Create term billing reports and seamlessly share with the Bursar


Department Utilization

Explore department utilization by student, faculty, content and course


Identify Opportunities

Identify course opportunities for better IA utilization across-the-board


Publisher Audit

Verify publishers don’t mistakenly bill for opted-out students


Publisher Compliance

Demonstrate campus IA utilization meets publisher thresholds

ilumIA Benefits

ilumIA delivers operational focus that benefits those who interact with the Campus Store


Empowers college stores to analyze and manage Inclusive Access data, maintaining a critical role in their institutions’ digital course materials strategy



Provides key data insights to support sell-through compliance and audit and reconcile payments



Aggregates data to streamline billing and prevent inaccuracies; facilitates reconciliation and ease of tracking individual student billing history

About Us

The ilumIA team has unparalleled expertise in Inclusive Access and digital content delivery, along with the creation of tools that present complex data in easy-to-use-and-analyze formats. Key industry stakeholders have contributed their knowledge and insight into creating ilumIA.

Our team is led by Joann Spyker, president of ilumIA and founder and managing partner of Unbound Strategy, a business that helps organizations transition from print-based content delivery to digital education. Joann’s goal is to transform ideas into strategies — and move from strategy to successful execution. ilumIA is a prime example of achievement of that goal. Before founding Unbound Strategy, Joann held senior positions in both traditional and evolutionary content delivery businesses.


Don't just take our word for it, see what our partners are saying!

This is a light-speed jump with helping me keep my program staunchly independent. It’s an invaluable tool for bookstores to be the ones who take control of IA transactions and say, ‘Here’s all my data, go harmonize it.’

I would encourage all of my local teams to sign up for this in a heartbeat! My hat’s off for your help in this — it may really change the game forever.”

Russel Weldon

Assistant Director at Auburn University Bookstore

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Accelerating the Digital Content Revolution

Where to find us

4700 South 19th St.
Lincoln, NE 68512


[email protected]
Call: 888-844-7255

Here for you

Use the contact form or shoot us an email at [email protected]


Accelerating the Digital Content Revolution

Where to find us

4700 South 19th St.
Lincoln, NE 68512


[email protected] Call: 888-844-7255